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Portfolio Services


Real estate projects are more than bricks and mortar.  Real estate investment today is viewed as an alternative asset investment class particularly as a result of the large number of institutional investors from the U.S. and overseas investing in real estate.  Once a project is successfully planned, structured, and constructed, the ultimate success of the project, i.e., reaching its highest value, will be achieved through judicious and proper use of people, systems, leasing, financing and property management.

Concourse Realty Group understands market cycles and advises on critical buy/sell/hold decisions in asset management.   We strive to uncover any opportunities to unlock potential and realize increases in asset value that would go unrecognized in many circumstances whether the challenge relates to leasing risk, achieving operational efficiencies, a capital improvement plan to enhance the asset or an overall asset repositioning strategy often developed through our
Due Diligence Services

Concourse Realty Group, acting as the owner’s agent, approaches investment-grade portfolio management from a strategic point of view.  The goal is to maximize value through investment selection, diversification and a solid understanding of the real estate cycle.  We carefully guide the client through portfolio allocation process by suggesting options for geography, asset class and property type investment.  A portfolio investment plan is devised based upon the unique requirements of our client, the dynamics of the overall market and the microeconomics of specific markets.  Our Asset and Portfolio Management Services are often preceded by establishing an investment fund for our clients who also use our
Equity Services.





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